SA/ Clinical Housekeeping Attendant In Toronto

Sinai Health System is a leading clinic with international recognition currently based in Toronto, ON, Canada. We are seeking to employ the service of a hardworking, reliable and well-mannered individual for the position of SA Clinical Housekeeping Attendant.

Job Description

The SA Clinical Housekeeping Attendant will be responsible to perform a variety of housekeeping duties in order to maintain the patient and clinical areas of the hospital.

Housekeeping Attendants duties therefore include, but are not limited to:

  • Carrying out a variety of housekeeping activities in order to ensure a clean and safe patient care environment.
  • Monitors day to day unit inventory and restocks items as when required
  • Conducts the routine and terminal cleaning of isolated areas
  • Performs terminal cleaning of wards after outbreaks or increased evidence of infection
  • Performs other duties as at when assigned
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SA Clinical Housekeeping Attendant Job Requirements

The job of a qualified SA Clinical Housekeeping Attendant is going to require the following:

  1. The successful completion of a high school diploma or its equivalent
  2. 1 year of experience as a housekeeping attendant will be preferred
  3. Must have the ability to take instruction and work co-operatively within a fast-paced team working environment
  4. Must possess an ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships with patients, families, co-workers as well as others.
  5. Expected to have an ability to meet the physical demands of the position in order to execute the essential duties of the job which will require frequent standing, bending, reaching, and lifting of patients and equipment for extended periods of time.
  6. Should be able to demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate and read using English so as to effectively perform essential requirements of this position.
  7. Ability to be exhibit a flexible and adaptable character in a quickly changing work environment.
  8. Should be able to demonstrate satisfactory work performance and attendance history
  9. Open Date of this position is 7 / 17 / 2019. Posting Deadline for this position will be 7 / 31 / 2019.
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All applications are expected to be submitted by not later than 4: 00 p.m. of the posting deadline date.

Sinai Health System is always committed to promoting culture and environment that is safe, caring, compassionate, equitable, and accountable in order to render optimal care to patients and their family caregivers.

As such, all employees will be encouraged to follow safe work practices and also comply with the required roles and responsibilities that are outlined with respect to health and safety policies, procedures and training.

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According to the current Sinai Health policy and legislated health and safety requirements, employment is conditional based on the verification of credentials, completion of a health review, and demonstrating proof of immunity and vaccination status of vaccine-preventable diseases.

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If you are interested in applying for this position at Sinai Health System, we encourage you to copy and surf while you click the Apply link.

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